Engaging Nairobi's Youth

Increasing urbanization has led to concentration of youth in Nairobi's slums, where around 70% of inhabitants are below the age of 30. Due to poverty and lack of role models, many young people drop out of school and raise themselves in the streets from an early age. A life characterized by crime, hustle, violence, drugs and unemployment is status quo. Nai Nami unlocks the potential of the disadvantaged youth and helps them to live a sustainable life.


Nai Nami believes in the constructive potential of slum youth. They acquire impressive skills in the streets that can create value and a life story that can inspire the world. Nai Nami transforms their existing skills and life story into a positive, sustainable and income generating business activity.


The common approach of organisations is to help youth by focusing on expanding their education and skill training to make them fit into the formal sector. Nai Nami flip this model: Instead of focusing on the youth’s weaknesses, Nai Nami recognize and develop new businesses that build on youth’s existing strengths.


Being part of Nai Nami, for the first time in their life these young people don't get judged for who they are. They get an opportunity to showcase their skills in a positive way. Instead of seeing themselves as victims, they are now proud to create value, to inspire people with their stories at the same time earn a regular income.

Undoubtedly the best way to discover Nairobi!Carole & Christophe (Switzerland)

Empowering their Future

A world where youth from slums has an opportunity to generate income by making use of their street skills and life experiences. Nai Nami wants to promote its approach globally to make societies recognise the potential, impressive skills and life stories of their youth with the aim to give them a future without poverty and crime.

Regular Income

Youth can live a sustainable life by earning a regular monthly income, generating savings and learning personal financial management skills.

Role Models

Youth get exposed to people from all over the world with different cultures, perspectives and background who inspire them through the interaction.

Self Esteem

Working with Nai Nami improves youth's self-esteem and gives them for the first time a sense of belonging.

Change Agents



During my professional career in the private sector, I was always looking for role models and mentors who could unlock my potential by making me aware of my skills and strengths. Never having found such a mentor, I started becoming this person myself, for younger colleagues, who were dealing with the same issue like me. I was not only successful by doing this, ironically I realised that this was my purpose. With Nai Nami I want to apply my strength on a deeper level by unlocking the potential of youth who never had a chance in life.

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Since I was a kid I had lots of friends from slums and I loved to hangout with them. I loved their energy, out of box thinking, street skills and their innocence. When I came to Nairobi and met these guys in Mathare I felt an instant connection and wanted to work with them. With Nai Nami I want to see how I can use my skills, experience and creativity to help these guys achieve their dreams. I want to show that given the opportunity these youth have the potential to thrive.

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NelsonOle Reiyia

General Manager Nai Nami

Nelson holds a Bachelor in Hospitality Management & Tourism, and he runs the Oldarpoi Camp in Maasai Mara. Since the year 2018, he has become the general manager of Nai Nami, where he is responsible for training our guides, client relationship and coordination of the tours.


Founder of Ben Jakob Consulting

Ben Jakob is an international marketing consultant and leadership coach. Jakob has worked in executive leadership roles with World Vision, Save the Children and SOS Children Villages. As owner of his own consulting company he specializes in non profit management and leadership development.


Fashion Model & TV Presenter

Asha Leo offers a background from among the most sought-after professional creatives. As a fashion model and television presenter, Leo has worked for Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, and Vogue, and continues to host for BBC and NBC.


Social Innovator, Thought Leader & Speaker

Jon Duschinsky is a social innovator, whose accolades include a project with the White House on gun control and the viral Bucket Challenge, which raised more than 100 million USD to help cure ALS. He is founder of the think tank Invisible Hand and incubator Oreka Solutions.


Cofounder & CEO, Amani Institute

Roshan Paul is a former cricket journalist, whose transition to the social sector has been marked by his co-founding the Amani Institute. With many credentials in public policy and leadership, he is the author of Such a Lot of Work (2014) and Your Work Begins at No (2017).

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