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Janneke & family (Netherlands)

What a great experience! Unbelievable tour with these great guys, they showed us the places of Nairobi where they lived on the street. We saw the rough part of Nairobi. Our, priviledge, kids couldn’t believe this way of life, they saw the other side. We have felt very save with these guys! Nai Nami is a great initiative, we can recummend with full of our hart!!

1. August 2018

Rianne (Netherlands)

Wonderful and touching experience! These guys took us on an amazing tour, showed us places we wouldn’t have visited on our own, shared their personal and touching life stories with us, brought us to a great place for lunch and led us to a good tailor. Highly recommended!

30. July 2018

Levi (Netherlands)

Excellent Tour! This is a must do in Nairobi, the guides are great and the experience was fantastic! Something you will not soon forget and unlike like any other tour i’ve done in any city in the world! Really awesome experience.

28. July 2018

Claire & Nick (Netherlands)

This was both an amazing and humbling experience. The guides all have interesting stories to tell. The tour gives you the opportunity to safely walk around areas of Nairobi whilst gaining the true experience of how life is for many of the locals. The best tour I have ever been on. Definitely recommend anyone visiting Nairobi to participate.

21. July 2018

Nicolas & Elisa (Germany)

Had an amazing time with Nai Nami. The guides were truly incredible young entrepreneurs with powerful stories to share. We got to see a side of Nairobi we wouldn’t have had access to and got to hear a bit about the reality of growing up in the Nairobi streets. The guides were genuinely friendly and thoughtful. 10/10 would recommend.

20. July 2018

Chris (UK)

Best tour ever! I highly recommend this tour to everyone. I had such a great time. The tour guides were personal, informative and very funny. Good vibes. If you haven’t done this already, you need to get to it.

19. July 2018

Romain (France)

We had such a great time. A perfect way to see Nairobi from the other side. Our guides were all lovely and caring. I couldn’t have hoped for a better experience to get to know some of the real Kenya

19. July 2018

Manon & Lukas

Thank you guys! This really was an emotional, super interesting and funny afternoon with you! For everyone who want to discover the roots of many people from Nairobi it’s definitely the best experience to do. We did the experience on our first day in Nairobi which helped us a lot on the following days. Because they taught us street-Skills as well;) Their fascinating stories about their lifes are really emotional and catching so we couldn’t stop listening. Thank u guys for the little hiphop freestyle to my birthday:) We really enjoyed your tour, the food, you as persons and everything you told us. It’s definitely a must-do for everyone that is interested in people, culture and the city Nairobi. Go for it!

17. July 2018

Abby (India)

Definitely don’t miss this! Nai Nami is a great social enterprise started by two amazing guys. I saw so much of Nairobi I wouldnt have ever seen on my own! Learn about the real Nairobi from three guys who used to live on the streets! It’s incredibly unique and supports a great cause. Don’t miss it!

14. July 2018

Courtney & Cameron (Australia)

The Nai Nami tour is unique, inspiring and delightful. We loved every minute walking along the streets of uptown/downtown Nairobi, with great company and great storytellers that opened our eyes to a local reality that you can’t experience anywhere else. Our family did this tour together and everyone, of every age (30s – 70s) loved it just as much. It does take a good amount of walking, but I heard through the grapevine that they’ll accomodate for you if you can’t do the whole experience walking.  Wear comfy shoes, dont bring a big camera, and enjoy the ride. Absolutely worthwhile!!

13. July 2018

Mariana & family (Columbia)

The absolute best way to see Nairobi! I’ve been to Nairobi about a dozen times over the years, but never strayed far from the well-paved tourist/expat path. Someone recommended this tour, and we brought our family—it’s honestly the best thing you can do in Nairobi! The guides are considerate, funny, and have incredible stories and experiences to share. They make you feel safe, but free. Such an amazing experience—highly highly highly recommended!

13. July 2018

Naufika (Namibia)

The Nai Nami Tour was incredible. It was great meeting Godfrey and his team, they showed us a completely different side of Nairobi and really took the time to connect with us and ensure that we took the most out of the experience. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone interested in doing something that’s a little bit off the beaten track.

12. July 2018

Cecilia (France)

Absolutely incredible tour. The guys really make you feel safe and welcome to the bustling streets of Nairobi. Because of the experience, I was able to experience the city in the eyes of a local, meeting great people and see how the average citizen lives his life. I don’t want to ruin it, but this was truly one of the most energizing yet humbling experiences ever!! Would highly recommend this 🙂

12. July 2018

Stephanie & friends (USA)

This is absolutely the number one thing to do in Nairobi. These gentlemen are incredible, we learned about day to day life on the streets of Nairobi’s slums and the courage it took for them to move past their circumstances. We immediately felt like friends and we’re very well taken care of, whether it was avoiding the busy traffic or negotiation at the local markets. They are pros and you will come to love them all in just a matter of hours. I would recommend this to anyone visiting Nairobi. Thank you for an incredible experience. We will be back!

11. July 2018

Annelien & friends (Netherlands)

The guys from Nai Nami take you from uptown, to downtown, to deep deep downtown as they call it. A great way to experience the REAL Nairobi and hear their stories about raising themselves on the streets, escaping from drugs and crime and their dreams for the future. Such a powerful experience!

9. July 2018

Lindsay (USA)

One of the best tours I have ever been on! The tour is an INCREDIBLE way to get an inside look at the street culture and day to day experience of young people growing up in Nairobi. It was truly eye opening and inspiring and one of the highlights of my trip to Kenya. The guides are AWESOME – super engaging the entire time and open about sharing many aspects of their lives. The tour is super dynamic – lots of walking and exploring different areas of the city as well as a market and taste of local cuisine. After the tour, the guides provided lots of great tips and suggestions for the rest of our stay. Overall, one of the best tours I have ever been on and would DEFINITELY recommend to others!!!

7. July 2018

Helen & friends

We did the tour yesterday and can only recommend it to anyone visiting or living in Nairobi. During the tour, you see parts of the city that you would otherwise not experience by yourself. The guides are incredibly kind, street-smart and great people. They gave us great insight about life in Downtown and in the slums and shared how they turned their lives around.

5. July 2018

Dadryia & Terry (USA)

Cheddaz, Kissmart, Donga, and Mrembe gave an amazing tour of downtown Nairobi while sharing their personal stories. Its truly amazing how they were able to turn their lives around and do something so educational and positive. You will not regret taking apart of this experience and learning more about these guys and the city they live in.

5. July 2018

Greg (Greece)

These guys are amazing. they will show you the real Nairobi. Just let them wander you around and tell you all the great stories from the past, present and how they plan the future. Hope to accomplish all your goals guys!

4. July 2018

Lisa & Jonas (Switzerland)

Such a wonderful experience to walk through the city with those guys. We learned so much & could’ve spent the whole day with you! Thank you so much, will definitley recommed you to everyone I know 🙂

3. July 2018

I-Hui & Wen-Hsiang (Taiwan)

It’s an unforgettable, unique, and meaningful tour. Accompanied by the nice guides, who shared their extraordinary life stories with us, we saw different aspects of this city. Just like exploring the bustling downtown with local friends, we had a very special visit and felt safe all the time. Highly recommended to those who don’t want to pass by Nairobi only as a transient. Come and experience it!

3. July 2018

Jani (Finland)

A truly fantastic experience to walk with these guys in the streets of Nairobi you wouldn’t otherwise go and hear touching stories, stories never to forget. The guys are excellent story-tellers, they take very good care of their customers and you feel safe all the time. I would have wanted to listen to the stories all day! Although we have lived in Nairobi, we learnt so much new. Definitely recommendable experience!

3. July 2018

Anne & Emiel (Netherlands)

Very nice tour which gives you a good and honest inside in the city (mainly downtown) of Nairobi, but also very impressive stories by the former street children. Guides are really friendly and helped us to arrange a taxi back to the hotel.

1. July 2018

Fernanda & friends (Brasil)

Amazing experience! The guys are very sympathetic, funny and kind, they make the tour worth. You go into deep places and feel safe. It’s definitely the tour to know more about Kenya.

1. July 2018

Baukje & family (Netherlands)

We had such a special tour with these guys. Their stories are hardly to believe and really touched me. So much power and persistency that they survived. It so important to learn more about this part of Kenya. I really wish them all the luck with their great mission.

30. June 2018

Tammy & Brett (New Zealand)

This was an opportunity to walk the streets of Nairobi that we would never see. It was an opportunity to hang out with ex street kids, eat the local food and to hear their stories. All three showed the two of us around. We felt safe and well looked after on the walking tour. Highly recommend.

28. June 2018

Andreas & friends (Germany)

Great project and impressive tour. You dive in the middle of the real Nairobi just 2 minutes walk away from uptown. Kissmart, Cheddaz and Donga do a fantastic job. I can just recommend this tour. It’s worth every penny and supports a great community project trying to help kids getting off the street. Nai Nami, our streets our stories! 🙂

26. June 2018

Yasuhiro (Japan)

That was a great afternoon I spent with these local musicians/tour guides who took me to the slam of Nairobi. They were all born and grew up in there but now work hard to raise awareness of the situations and help improve the conditions for the younger generations. Part of the proceeds goes to a great cause they support. It gave me a whole new perspective of slam. So it turned into a great learning experience to me. Experience it for yourself. You won’t regret it. ✌️

25. June 2018

Joris & friends (Netherlands)

The guys gave us a unique insight in Nairobi, including their personal stories. If you want to experience the true vibe of Nairobi – this is it. Thanks guys!

22. June 2018

Nonie & Don (Qatar)

Good group of guys. We really enjoyed the walking tour and the food. We got a chance to see a side of Nairobi that most tourists don’t see but should.

21. June 2018

Kendra & friends (Kuwait)

This is absolutely one of the best tours I have ever been on. All of our guides were so genuine and knowledgeable. A very authentic experience for those who want something off the beaten path. You HAVE to go!!

19. June 2018

Marguerite & Arjan (Netherlands)

Best Nairobi experience ever! The boys showed us their Nairobi. What an amazing experience. They were so open and told us their stories about their street life. We felt very safe and it was amazing to experience that side of Nairobi. It is very inspiring how they took the courage to become the better version of themselves and inspire others to do so as well.

19. June 2018

Raya & Dana (Canada)

If you want an authentic and unique experience, go on this tour! Kissmart, Cheddaz and Donga were excellent guides. As two young females going on the tour alone, we were a little fearful, but we were very quickly comforted by these guys. They never once let us feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Their stories were capitivating and they answered all of our questions about living life on the streets and in Nairobi. Meeting them, and going on this walking tour was the highlight of our trip! Would recommend to anyone looking for a memorable experience that you will talk and think about for days to come.

18. June 2018

Marina (Brazil)

Donga, Kissmart, and Cheddaz are – without any doubt – among the best tour guides you can have in Nairobi. They will allow you to experience the city in a way you would never do on your own, they will tell stories about the city and their personal stories while looking out for you all the time. This tour is something you must do if you want to grasp a little bit better Nairobi. Highly reccomend!

17. June 2018

Riccardo (Italy)

Authentic dive into Nairobi life, really recommended. I was on my own for an unexpected day off from work and decided to look for a way to visit and learn about the city. What I learned I couldn’t get it from the books and their stories could be the set of a movie. Still enjoy and relax the experience as you will always feel safe with Donga, Kissmart and Cheddaz. And for my country mates… they can now speak some Italian now! Thank you guys and hope to see you around soon … maybe on a stage. Grazie

15. June 2018

Alex & friends (USA)

We had an awesome time walking around Nairobi with the Nai Nami crew. Thanks so much for sharing your stories, allowing us to trade questions, and showing us your city! Would highly recommend this to anyone who wants a unique tour of Nairobi.

15. June 2018

Jennifer (USA)

Everything people are saying in these reviews is true: this is a unique opportunity to learn about life in a part of Nairobi that you wouldn’t likely visit as a tourist. The guides share stories, let you ask ALL your questions, and keep an eye out for your safety. I couldn’t stop telling my friends about this afterward! This is an experience that you don’t want to miss!

14. June 2018

Rasha (Canada)

This was an amazing experience! Hanging out with the 3 coolest guys in Nairobi. They took me around to the parts of Nairobi that I would not be able to go alone but are so necessary to understand life in this city. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

10. June 2018

Gary & Jill (New Zealand)

This was in our opinion the “real deal.” Raw, honest yet an inspiring narrative about life growing up literally on the wrong side of town whilst being walked through that very same neighbourhood. Here four boys are determined not only to set an example to the current generation of street kids that life can change for the better, but to put back into the community from their business. We thoroughly enjoyed our three hours, and saw aside of Nairobi which one would not otherwise venture into. Can’t recommend this tour highly enough.

9. June 2018

Milica (Switzerland)

Tour that is absolutely worth it. Cheddaz, Kissmart and Donga took time, gave us individual explanations and answered any questions I had. You really get to see Nairobi through their eyes, sharing in stories about their life, but also history of the city or current events. All three are interested in their clients & open to hear opinions and stories as well. One sees the pride they take in the work and the passion behind it. Would definitely recommend. I learned a lot & felt perfectly safe at all times.

2. June 2018

Thomas (Netherlands)

Once in a lifetime experience. Trust me, you want to do this tour. It’s an unique eye-opening experience you will never forget. These guys show you around and make you feel at home in those places a tourist would never come: downtown Nairobi. With their impressive and inspiring stories they guide you through the rough streets and local markets, showing you around in a word you’ve probably only knew from TV. I felt safe, welcome and would recommend it to everyone: a real eye opener!

30. May 2018

Spandana (USA)

Nai Nami tour is one of a kind. You will experience a big cosmopolitan city like never before. A very intimate tour, very touching and moving. Godfrey and friends and great in making you feel comfortable and secure. They are funny, witty and awesome to hangout with. Highly recommend this tour!! I am sure this tour will have an impact on you in more ways than one.

29. May 2018

Tarika & friends (USA)

This was an excellent tour. The lives and stories of the tour guides resonated and showed a different side of Nairobi. We had a great time and are happy we had the opportunity to meet such unique, wonderful people. We definitely recommend that everyone partake in this tour.

27. May 2018

Seth & friends (USA)

We loved our tour with the 4 local guides. It’s rare that a tour group will provide a tour guide per customer, so each of us on the tour were able to hear their specific stories. We saw neighborhoods of Nairobi that we never would have visited without them, much less understood. It is incredibly encouraging that these tours are helping provide our guides with steady jobs. I would highly recommend their tours.

23. May 2018

Keiko (Japan)

I was solo traveler and afraid to walk around in Nairobi. Then I’ve found Nairobi street walk with local guides, who had experienced street life in Nairobi. They’re so amazing and helpful to guide. It would be impossible to see and learn about local life in Nairobi without reliable guides. They also helped me to buy souvenirs at cheapest price in the local market. I highly recommend this tour to all as your experience.

23. May 2018

Eva (Germany)

i had the best time with the guys from Nai Nami, super authentic approach to the city but also more than friendly! you’ll hear some realistic and interesting facts and true stories. Total recommendation.

22. May 2018

Liam & Frances (Ireland)

An eye opener of a tour! Have never been on a tour like this before, and it is a must to learn more about what it is like to grow up as a street kid in Nairobi! The best way to see and gain some understanding the streets and life in Nairobi. Very friendly attitude with very professional approach to service.

20. May 2018

Cathy & parents (USA)

Mrembe, Chesdarz, and Donga were excellent tour guides. This is an amazing tour with 3 very impressive young men who are changing their lives. We were not sure what to expect but the whole experience of shopping in the market and the 7 star lunch along with their individual stories is just a wonderful experience.

17. May 2018

Charles (Charlie’s Travels)

Did the tour today with the guys. AWESOME ! Didn’t what to expect, I knew this city tour was different, but thought we we’re still going to walk from sight to sight and listen to stories. Instead we strolled the busy, hectic, chaotic, colorful and loud streets having conversations, talking about their lives, hearing their stories. We hear about the street life, we sometimes read about it, but we never meet someone from the streets that speaks about it in an open way. Its interesting to see the city through their eyes. Because you’re walking through the city its also much easier to emphasize and imagine how that life would be. We we’re with a bigger group than normal (11 total) so it was also a challenge for, but it went great. They invited some extra friends, super friendly guys, ALL IN ALL: GREAT DAY! I would advice to do a whole day instead of a half day and mix it up with either visiting art collaborations / galleries, seeing some highlights in town (KICC, National Archives), or go for a cocktail in Westlands on your bill 🙂 DO IT ! Puts your safari in a different perspective.

16. May 2018

Saskia & family (Netherlands)

Nairobi’s vibrant and sometimes overwhelming CBD area is not exactly the first place you think of visiting when visiting Kenya as a tourist (or even as an expat citizen). But now I can wholeheartedly say: you should go there, and if you do, call Nai Nami! Our family of six loved every minute of the tour, the guides are friendly and fun and all share their own insightful experience of life in Nairobi. Thanks guys!

16. May 2018

Elisa & Mike (Netherlands)

Walking around the streets with Godfrey and his friends is a wonderful way of exploring parts of the city that you usually wouldn’t see, or hearing stories that you usually wouldn’t hear. It really gave us more understanding of what every day life is for many people living in Nairobi. A recommendation.

13. May 2018

Sophie (Germany)

If you want to have an extraordinary tour that is everything but touristy, we can highly recommend this one. the guys are very much fun and they shared their stories with us, took us to exciting parts of the city where you usually don’t get to go. they were really caring and we felt very comfortable at all time. thank you guys, keep on doing this!!!

13. May 2018

Rolf, Corinne & kids (Netherlands)

I thought it would be nice to show our kids (10 and 13) how live can also be. But just like them me and my wife were fascinated by their stories. It was amazing to see so much of city and walk through narrow streets and feeling so save because the masters of the street are guiding you. It has been an unforgettable experience for all of us. Keep up the good work guys!

30. April 2018

Casper (Netherlands)

Amazing young men, their stories and their former habitats. If you’re looking for the true Nairobi experience, try this!

26. April 2018

Gavin (Malaysia)

It is a very nice trip to be part of. You had the chance to understand and explore the city better as when I walked around, there are no tourists seen because they are focus on other mainstream locations such as safaris. Nonetheless, the city and people around it also have stories to share and worth to be explored too. The guides were also awesome, never hesitate to share theirs stories of when they were small and used to be around at the places around the city where they pointed out to me throughout the trip. Recommended for travellers for sure.

17. April 2018

Brian (Ireland)

An excellent trip. Got to see a different side of the city. Which was an eye opener. Felt completely safe with the three lads and hearing their stories from growing up was very interesting and humbling. Even more that that I felt like I had local friends and if I was back in the city again I’d meet up with them. Highly recommended.

13. April 2018

Brian (UK)

These guides are the real deal! They give a whole new meaning to the phrase “street smarts.” Not only are they wise, intelligent, and experienced far beyond their years, but they’re also talented artistically.

13. April 2018

Steve (USA)

A Journey to the Heart of the Human Spirit. Equal parts mind numbing, jaw dropping and inspirational, the Nai Nami tour is much more than just a 3-hour walk through the heart of Nairobi. It’s a journey to the heart of human determination. To learn how these young Kenyans overcame their early days as street kids, recognized the dire need to change their ways before they became yet another statistic in the city’s overcrowded morgue, applied their innate creativity, and reinvented themselves through an unwavering belief that they could reshuffle the deck of cards they were dealt as young children, will affirm your faith in the human spirit.

7. April 2018

Paulina (UK)

Incredibly unique, educational, and touching experience. Had an amazing experience exploring the rougher parts of Nairobi you wouldn’t otherwise get a chance to visit. My guides Donga, Kissmart, and Cheddaz were all amazingly friendly and down to earth, and it was fascinating to hear their stories and see the reality of people who grow up in the street slums of Nairobi – yet also incredibly inspiring to hear how they’ve turned their lives around! If you’re up for adventure, bustling marketplaces full of African handmade goods, and delicious food, definitely give this tour a try!

5. April 2018

Sara, Cindy, Luyi & Bai (China)

It’s definitely an experience beyond expectation! We came in a group of 4 and each of us has a guide to show us their neighbourhood and also their stories. I saw the real Nairobi, wholesale markets, downtown area, neighbourhood where Obama’s family lived… which I would not have a chance to go without the guides. Highly recommended to all!

2. April 2018

Meagan (Canada)

My experience with Nai Nami tours was amazing! This is different from a traditional tour, but in such a good way! You spend 3 hours walking around in the Central Bank District (an area that is difficult to explore on your own) and talking to the guides and hearing their stories of how they grew up on the streets and the struggles they faced. If you want a holistic view of the city while still feeling very safe and secure, I highly recommend this tour. It is also great to know that you are contributing to a social cause. I look forward to watching their business grow in the years to come!


24. March 2018

Roisin (Ireland)

I took the Nai Nami Nairobi Storytelling Tour with Kissmart, Donga and Cheddaz and had the best time : I can highly recommend this tour for anyone wanting to learn about the real Nairobi .. hearing the guy’s stories about their lives and time spent on the streets of this colourful and bustling city was both humbling and inspiring. Nairobi can be intimidating for a newcomer like me, so I was delighted to have had the chance to experience the city in this way without worrying about safety or getting lost! I cant speak highly enough about my wonderful tour guides, who had such great energy and enthusiasm.. we chatted for the day, ate lunch at a local cafe and walked the streets and markets, meeting locals and seeing the sights… and I came away with the feeling that I wanted to stay! If you are in Nairobi.. even for a short time… do this tour! You wont regret it :

19. March 2018

Nora (USA)

Definitely do this while in Nairobi! I loved this tour! The guys behind Nai Nami are not just amazing storytellers, but wonderful tour guides who really know their way around downtown Nairobi. This tour gave me a chance to see parts of Nairobi I wouldn’t have had the chance to visit otherwise, and to hang out with a really inspirational and kind bunch! I hope to see them again, and see Nai Nami grow! It’s a must!

18. March 2018

Jordy (Australia)

My favourite experience from Nairobi. Four of the best story tellers I have met. Amazing story of not only where they have come from, but where they are going. Very inspiring. Would be #1 on my list of things to do in Nairobi.

18. March 2018

Cristina & Timur (Moldova)

Definitely a must-do in Nairobi, this tour is perfect for discovering the reality of the city and its people. The guys are amazing at merging the ugly with the beautiful, the sad with the fun, and the highs with the lows in their stories. An eye-opening experience!

18. March 2018

Leonora, Molly, Coco, Ashley & Paula (USA)

Donga, Cheddaz, and Mrembe are THE BEST. We were able to walk through and learn about a part of the city that we wouldn’t have been able to access without them, and they made us feel completely safe the whole time (and kept us laughing the whole way). More importantly, by founding Nai Nami they have been able to lift themselves out of a really rough life, and are looking to do the same for others who grew up/ are growing up in the same circumstances. You can be a voyeur of Kibera through other tour companies, or you can do something that has a real positive impact with Donga, Cheddaz, and Mrembe.  This tour was a highlight of my trip— I can’t recommend it enough.

17. March 2018

Susanne (Netherlands)

Best way to experience Nairobi! I loved this tour! I’ve been in Nairobi for 6 weeks now but I wish I did this tour the first day! You get to see places you won’t experience on your own. The guides took us everywhere and had some amazing stories about their lives and about the history of Nairobi. So wear good shoes and your smile and you will have an awesome day!

16. March 2018

Drew (USA)

A very unique tour that shows you parts of Nairobi that you couldn’t go on your own. But what really makes the tour a wonderful experience is the guides. They are friendly, accommodating, funny, and go out of their way to make sure you feel safe and comfortable (Cheddaz even carried my bag for me so it wouldn’t get snatched). Their stories are truly inspirational – from living on the streets to forming a band – and hearing them tell their struggles and successes is the best part. Highly recommended!

8. March 2018

Jasmin (New Zealand)

This experience was just fantastic. It will give you a really great idea of Nairobi’s streets & markets you’d never see otherwise. And the boys are just awesome. Go and support them and do yourself a favour at the same time.

8. March 2018

Jon (USA)

This tour gets 5 stars for a reason. The guys who do this came from nothing and they will share their stories while walking the streets of Nairobi. You will go to places you would not visit as a tourist. The life they have lived until they started putting on these tours is something you would only see in movies. The stories are described in raw detail and leave you feeling shocked. They take you to a local eatery at the end of the tour and we had some amazing authentic Kenyan food. I never felt unsafe once with these guys. If you are in Nairobi THIS IS A MUST!

7. March 2018

Adam (UK)

Wonderful tour, run by people who know the power a good business model can have on local communities. The tour is a three hour, eye opening, heart warming journey through areas of Nairobi you would not ever think to see or visit. The three guys have a glint in their eye, and know their stuff inside out. Sitting drinking milky, sugary tea and hearing them rap with them at the end of the experience was a memory I will treasure! Support the guys, support their project and support a different side of tourism.

5. March 2018

Iurie (Moldova)

Kissmart, Donga and Cheddaz are great guys and real role models. Their stories are great motivational and inspirational. It was interesting to discover their background as we were walking the streets of Nairobi. You also get the chance to try some tasty street food. I felt very safe with these guys and definitely recommend taking this tour as it shows you Nairobi city from a different point of view.

2. March 2018

Tazeen & Willem (Belgium)

Donga, Cheddaz and Kissmart shared their life stories and dreams for the future as they walked us through the streets of Nairobi where they spent much of their childhood, trying to forage a livelihood with only their wits about them. It is a walk we could never have done on our own. We thank them heartily for the insights they gave us on street life in Nairobi. They experienced, pain, hardship, abandonment, love and belonging in their early years in ways unfamiliar to those from established families and family networks. The begged, stole, rapped and eventually found one another through their interest in music. They also shared the desire to mend their ways, mentor other lost kids, provide them with role models so that street kids can find a better future. The road is not easy as the harsh environment of state orphanages and shelters compel many to run away to the freedom of the streets despite its’ many dangers. We all have a role to play particularly in helping those who help themselves. These kids are bright, sharp, intelligent and have their wits about them. They are charming and positive despite everything. And in sharing their lives, our lives become richer too. It was a hot and sunny day. The walk lasted three hours. We walked past Obama’s house, went to a market where people were busy making handicrafts, jewellery, slippers and so on. We saw water collection points, jerry can washing presumably for reuse, various kinds of waste dumps from where street kids look for recyclable metals and machine parts. It ended with a simple lunch of vegetables and roti at a streetside joint. It was a worthwhile experience. We recommend it heartily to others, essential to anybody wanting to understand street life, marginalization and social development issues in an African capital city context.

27. February 2018

Anisha (India)

3.5 hour street tour in which you stroll along 8K of Nairobi’s Central Business District whilst hearing the life stories of 3 different youth who were raised on the streets. Hear their intense struggles and incredible hustle amidst the backdrop of Nairobi. While 1 tells their tale, the other 2 fall back and help spot you. This tour is intense in the best way and definitely gives you a good feel for a cross-section of Nairobi that you would not normally get exposure to as a tourist. The initiative is also fantastic – to have the youth own and transform their stories into a skill and livelihood while providing others a window into their lives. And Cheddaz, Donga and Kissmart are all incredibly charming, accommodating and helpful. A break for some local food and drink also allowed us to chat more casually and swap music recommendations. These three met because of performing and if you’re lucky, they’ll share their Youtube video with you and maybe even give you a taste of the magic that is #Nairobeez

23. February 2018

Shar (Portugal)

Just. Wow. If you want to have an authentic experience with guys who know the streets, DO THIS TOUR! Homeless at 8 and 9 years old, Donga and Cheddaz both grew up on the streets, sleeping wherever they could and selling cartons, tires, charcoal and scrap metal. They begged for food. Slept in bags. At 24 and 26 years old, they have struggled and overcome more obstacles than are imaginable. As they escort you through the city, there’s an ease and familiarity that speaks to who they were, and who they are now. They tell you about their lives, and you come to know through first hand experience about the challenges faced by street children in Nairobi. And their stories, oh the stories…. It’s the best money you’ll spend. And you’ll be helping these hard working entrepreneurs make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. Don’t think about it. Just book. (Oh – and did I mention that they’re all in a band? A good one! Ask to see the video!!)

21. February 2018

Coti (Argentinia)

Amazing experience with the local people! If you are looking for a walking tour in Nairobi, trust me these is the best option. The guys were súper friendly, we feel really secure walking on the downtown of Nairobi. You can see how the locals live, the true of the City. Without doubt i would do it again!

19. February 2018

Belinda & Joel

I LOVED the tour. The guys are so cool, yet warm-hearted and lots of fun.Downtown Nairobi gets a lot of slack for being unsafe- and I’m not disputing this- but I felt so safe with the guys. They gave great insight into what life was like growing up in one of the biggest slums in the world. I would probably do the tour again if I find myself in Nairobi, they’re just a nice group of guys to hang out with. And very talented- ask them about their musical skills… and check out Nairobeez on YouTube!

3. February 2018

Carole & Christophe (Switzerland)

Undoubtedly the best way to discover Nairobi!

3. February 2018

Lindsay (USA)

When I read the previous reviews of this tour.. I thought there is no way it could be THAT good. Boy was I wrong. This is probably one of the most incredible experiences you can have in Nairobi. I spent the day with Donga, Cheddaz, and Kissmart. They each have incredible stories and are all different personalities but all so warm and welcoming. It was like talking to old friends all day while seeing parts of the city you would never see on your own. I highly recommend this tour, you are doing yourself a disservice by not meeting these guys. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring some water to drink! If I ever come back to Nairobi I hope to see these guys again!

26. January 2018

Gabi & Julien (Switzerland)

We did a tour with Cheddaz, Donga and Kissmart in January 2018 and had a great time. They shared their life stories with us and showed us places that are connected to their lifes. You get to see the most important touristic places as well as off the beaten track spots. They took great care of us and we felt very safe at all times. It’s definitely a city tour with a different angle and it was a lot of fun and we would recommend to everyone! Also, we needed to buy some things and they were very helpful showing us good places to do our shopping. Most do in Nairobi! 🙂

15. January 2018

Trent (USA)

This was simply one of the best tours I’ve ever been on. The stories shared are amazing and honest. You will not regret booking this tour. You get to see areas you would not have otherwise and gain some perspective. But, the highlight is definitely getting to spend time with Donga, Cheddaz, and Kissmart and get to know them a bit. Highly recommend.

14. January 2018

Valeria (Germany)

The tour is incredible, something that you cannot miss if you want to really get into the insiders of the city. The guys were super nice always taking care of you, their stories are amazing and with this project you are creating a social impact.

7. January 2018

Greg & Robyn (South Africa)

This city tour is a must-do for local and foreign tourists (and even Nairobians). Stories of bravery and courage weave through the city, enveloping people in the wonders of street life in the city. A stop in the market where curios are made and then a delicious food stop add to the experience. This is really a worthwhile project to learn from and support!

4. January 2018

Marrisa & James (USA)

This tour was amazing. The guides take you though the city to experience the city in a way that cannot be done alone. When traveling exploring is hard as safety and direction can become confusing in another country. That’s what makes this tour so valuable. The guides know the area and can keep you safe and on the right path so you won’t get lost. Also, the stories they shared about growing up on the streets were interesting and it’s nice to see the inspiration behind their motives to become more successful in their musical career. Take this tour, it does not disappoint.

4. January 2018

Asha Leo (Fashion Model & TV Presenter)

Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! We are on a 5 week tour, through 6 countries in Africa and this was easily the best moment of the entire trip! I truly believe a tour like this is exactly why Airbnb experiences was created. What an incredible opportunity to walk through the slums of Nairobi, an area that EVERY guide book says to stay away from, and hear heart breaking and emotional real life stories from our guides. Kissmart, Cheddaz and Donga are VERY special men who grew up from a young age in these streets. My time with them has greatly affected me and their stories have been stitched through my heart for ever more. I HIGHLY recommend this experience. There was never a moment I felt unsafe under their care. And hearing about their extraordinary lives will change you forever! This is a very special opportunity and not one to be missed.

29. December 2017

Neal Bledsoe (Actor, Hollywood)

It was an incredible day. Donga, Kissmart and Cheddaz opened our eyes to an unfiltered view of their streets and their lives. We walked through streets and crowded alleys, dusty bus terminals and noisy roundabouts, through teeming markets and open-air auto shops, and finally to get frozen yogurt. In every step, we learned the history of their lives, while adding new chapters to our own. It was a day that I will never forget. Thank you.

29. December 2017

Ester & Daniel (Germany)

Nobody could show us the real Nairobi better than these former street children. Their touching and inspirational stories made it a city tour we’ll never forget. Thank you Donga, Cheddaz and Kissmart and all the best!

28. December 2017

Michael (USA)

This was the highlight of my stay in Nairobi. For three hours I got to ask Kissmart, Cheddaz, and Donga all the questions I had about surviving on the streets as children, about Kenya itself, it’s history, their lives, their dreams (music!). They took me to places I would not have been able to see on my own and guided me through conversations with other locals. They told stories about their lives I will never forget. These are three of the most incredible people you’ll ever meet. Do go on this tour.

23. December 2017

Hanne, Poul & Gunvor (Denmark)

Thanks for a Tour in your Nairobi and for the personel storys we will never forget. We will tell about you and the tour to all we know. You are so loyal and honest and you we are very well informed. Realy a big experience – we could not have had in other ways.

27. November 2017

Jon Duschinsky (Social Innovator & Speaker)

There are a number of things that make this the most important three hours you will spend in Nairobi. Firstly, the quality of the young men – Donga, Kissmart and Cheddaz – who will guide you round areas of Nairobi that you won’t ever visit on your own. Secondly, the transformational power of their stories – they were all street kids who lived rough and hustled to survive in the very neighbourhoods they’ll be guiding you through. Thirdly, the true inspiration that lies in their music and the work they are doing to support the community and be role models so others don’t have to follow in their footsteps. The stories you will hear will blow your mind and melt your heart. The humanity you will encounter will leave a mark on you forever. These are incredible young people and they deserve that you spend a few hours with them. And you deserve it too.

16. November 2017

Guy (Netherlands)

Very cool and interesting afternoon. Good job u guys are doing!

15. July 2017

Oskar (Switzerland)

Great tour with very interesting insights into little known places and lives of Nairobi!

13. July 2017