Discover Nairobi through Stories

Experience the real Nairobi with city’s best storytellers, youth brought up on the streets.

Get inspired by their stories and learn from their street skills.

Encounter adventure

Nai Nami, meaning ‘Nairobi with me’ in Kiswahili, invites you to walk the streets of Nairobi as you immerse yourselves in our guides’ stories who were brought up in those streets. They’ll animate your tour with narratives and experiences of these very neighborhoods that have shaped their lives.

Off the beaten track

Leave your guide books at home while you experience the markets, bus stations, and hidden sites that enliven the bustling streets of Downtown; places you don’t usually go by yourself. Learn the street dynamics, chat with locals, and enjoy authentic African food.

A unique perspective

Our five spirited tour guides are vivacious, insightful, and full of personality. In this one-on-one tour, get to know the guides through their personal stories. Both sobering and inspiring, these stories will enable you to experience the urban fabric and the pulse of the city in a new way.

Thanks for a Tour in your Nairobi and for the personel storys we will never forget. We will tell about you and the tour to all we know. You are so loyal and honest and you we are very well informed. Realy a big experience – we could not have had in other ways.Hanne, Poul & Gunvor (Denmark)

Meet our Storytellers



"The streets of Downtown are my home, where I have been raised and taught how to survive. Now it is time to share it with the world."



"It makes me proud seeing how I can inspire people from all over the world with my turbulent life story."



"Exchanging ideas and discussing about life with my guests, often leads to long-term friendships I couldn’t have made otherwise"

Nai Nami Experiences

Our guests who have journeyed through Nairobi with Nai Nami come from different backgrounds and age groups. We feel that their testimonials describe who we are and what we do far better than we ever could Happy wandering!

Our Partners

We are Gianmarco and Sriram who met during our studies of Social Innovation Management at the Amani Institute in 2016 in Nairobi. Both of us grew up in a privileged environment. Due to this, we had all the life’s opportunities; ranging from a high-class education to an attractive professional career. However, we explicitly decided to give up our careers in the private sector and both did so for the very same reason: we want to designate our life to create social change for less fortunate youth. Nai Nami was the simple idea of using existing skills of the disadvantaged youth to create value and sustainable income. Our initial goal and measure of success was to change at least one life. After having gone way beyond this goal and seeing the progress of Nai Nami, we feel ready to change the whole system now!





Shouldn’t it be possible for youth from slums with impressive skills and inspiring life stories to create a future for themselves, in spite of their lack of a school degree? Nai Nami believes in unlocking their potential and the ability to create value. Three of our guides have started earning a monthly income and moved away from a life of crime and hustle. They are now considered role models in their community and encourage their friends to also move to sustainable income generating activities using their skills.

The Nai Nami Storytelling Tour has proven that the Nai Nami Approach works. Nai Nami Sheng, following the same approach of focusing on the youth’s skills and life stories, is already in the pilot phase and new ideas are under development. Check out our website regularly to book new services our youth will offer soon.